We asked one of the Freedom’s Ark young adults the following question. We hope that her response will challenge and strengthen you, but please also take a moment to define bravery in your own world as you meditate on 1 Timothy 1:7.


Bravery is a tough call: it requires trusting God and stepping out in faith. What does bravery look like in your own world? Describe bravery.

Erinma’s response

In my world, being brave is about doing the unconventional – sticking to my beliefs and values without fear of rejection or criticism of others. It is about staying true to myself, as in today’s world it can be one of the most challenging things to do. In a society where conforming is the convention, people seek others acceptance or approval, but I have an understanding that the greatest acceptance comes from God.

Bravery to me is also about stepping out of my comfort zone, coming face to face with something I would otherwise be fearful of and putting my trust in God to see me through to the other side. Sometimes to be brave I have to recognise that what I am facing or stepping forward to do cannot be done with my own power and might, but having God as my right-hand man is the greatest comfort of all. The Lord is my strength!

Erinma Otti

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