Our faith

Who is Jesus?

Christ Jesus is one member of a loving God that has expressed Himself to mankind in 3 ways; Almighty Father, Holy Spirit and son-Jesus. The Passover Lamb alluded to in Exodus, the snake lifted up for the healing of many in Numbers, the Rose of Sharon in Songs of Solomon, the Prince of Peace as vividly described by Isaiah, the triumphant returning King of Kings described in Revelation.

What separates Christianity from every other religion and worship system on the planet is the structure. It is not man working out his faith by himself building religious bridges to get to man, Christianity is God stepping down into a dark world and choosing to live among us for relationship… Emmanuel- God with us. That is literally Jesus’ name. That is His purpose, He is the means to that greatest of ends-to reconcile man to God.

Jesus is love made flesh and through the Holy Spirit we have the opportunity to manifest the presence of God wherever we step through our thoughts, speech and actions the way He did and even more.

What We Believe

Here at Freedom’s Ark we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life here and forever.

The expression of our faith encourages us to live a lifestyle of daily devotion to God through Bible Study, prayer, worship, and fellowship with others of like faith. We also believe in sharing and demonstrating the love of God to those who care to know.

We also believe it is important to daily seek to live by the principles of the Bible, and though we know it is not always easy, we believe in God’s grace and mercy to forgive and empower us to get back up and move on when we fail.

There’s so much more we would love to share with you, so feel free to join us every Sunday for our morning service, and during the week where other activities take place.

Our Vision

Scriptural basis, Isaiah 61: 1 – 2

  • Building a liberating army of Bible believing Christians
  • Destroying the burden of sin, sickness, and poverty over our church and community by the anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Restoring a fresh awareness of God’s love and presence in the lives of His people
  • Releasing people into their God given destiny