Activating our Access

It’s our pleasure to share God’s heart with you again today. He is watching over His word and will perform it. We will each “Activate” Mission and Ministry in 2018.

The Lord says that we will be activating our:

  1. Assignment
  2. Anointing
  3. Advancement
  4. Appointment
  5. Abundance
  6. Authority
  7. Ability
  8. Availability
  9. Access
  10. Attraction

We’ve prayed through God’s gifts of Assignment, Anointing, Advancement, Appointment, Abundance, Authority, Ability and Availability. Today, day 9 of 10, let’s take a moment to pray through “Activating our Access”.


Read Genesis 39: 8 – 9 and Isaiah 45:1

In Genesis we read Joseph’s words: he said, “I have access to everything; my master has not kept back anything from me except you (Potiphar’s wife).” This implies that Joseph was given access to all things in Potiphar’s household. In Isaiah 45 (NKJV), we also see the Lord speaking about access with the term, double doors:

“Thus says the Lord to His anointed,

To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held

To subdue nations before him

And loose the armor of kings,

To open before him the double doors,

So that the gates will not be shut:”

God said, for Cyprus I’m opening before him DOUBLE DOORS. A double door opening shows that you’re a significant person. There’s no restriction in the access granted. Let’s “Activate” this access which the Lord has so graciously granted to Freedom’s Ark.


Lord, I ask that you give me access wherever I go. I pray that nothing will be shut from me in the name of Jesus Christ. Grant me access to the hidden things of God, in accordance to your counsel. Please lift every limitation and restriction upon my life. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Tomorrow, we will continue to pray through “Activating our Attraction”. We encourage you to go back on the thoughts and prayers that we have shared over the past three weeks. You’ll find all these resources available on our blog.

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