Activating our Ability

To recap on this prayer series, as we continue to seek to “Activate” Mission and Ministry in 2018, the Lord says that we will be activating our:

  1. Assignment
  2. Anointing
  3. Advancement
  4. Appointment
  5. Abundance
  6. Authority
  7. Ability
  8. Availability
  9. Access
  10. Attraction

So far, we have spent quality time to pray through Assignment, Anointing, Advancement, Appointment, Abundance and Authority. ‘So shall it be’ in your life and corporately as Freedom’s Ark church. Today, join us again as we pray through “Activating our Ability”.


Read Genesis 39: 22 – 23

The Bible records that whatever they did there (whatever was done in the prison), Joseph was the doer of it (it was his doing or he orchestrated it). Genesis 39: 3 also says that the Lord made all that Joseph did to prosper. This tells us that we each have an ability that comes from God: this ability includes your mindset, having witty inventions, being a progressive person, being the go to person in whatever your field of endeavour is, and that people will trust your mind (or your ability, talent, skill, proficiency to do things, preparedness, brilliance and capability).


Father, please give me that functional mindset that comes from heaven. When anything needs to be done let people call on me. I pray that I will become the go to person in each field of endeavour. I ask for your divine ability to cause me to be a progressive person. Father, I ask for Your supernatural mindset that results in good success, in everything that I do. Thank you, Lord.

Tomorrow, we will continue to pray through “Activating our Availability”.

Remember that if you’ve missed any of the emails or just want to go back on some of the thoughts and prayers that I have shared over the past three weeks, you will find all these resources available on our blog at

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